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A veritable Goldmine of

shampoo, soap, toothpaste, pain reliever, facial masque,

mousse, shaving cream, massage lotion, lubricant,

unparalleled detoxifier even for radiation,

and salve for infections, bites, cuts,

. . . with one product!!!

Playa Panama, Costa Rica

The Incredible Earth Clays


  Great for conditioning...

Gray Clay   All-In-One 

Most popular for its neutral taste and its vast array of benefits.

Should be in every household for healthcare and emergencies.

Research shows clay to be anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-parasitic.

It draws radiation/chemicals/metals/waste products out of the body. 

Most cleanses rely on the immune system to remove left over toxins.

Clay bypasses this by absorbing toxins inside itself as it travels through.

So a compromised immunity doesn't have to face a crippling healing crisis.

FYI, I exposed myself to mercury vapor via a broken CFL bulb....containing 300 times the amount that is safe for human exposure, in just one bulb.  I wanted to let you know that after I inhaled the mercury vapor – I was just trying to clean up the hazardous material – my nose began to burn something awful.  It was in my throat too.  It was around 9:30pm and I felt like my nasal passages were on fire.  I remembered that I had just purchased the clay, so I gave myself a clay mask and I put some up my nostrils as far as was safe to easily wash out.  It was so soothing to the painful burning sensation from the mercury vapor.  The next day, I did a whole body mask, including hair and scalp.  It really helped.  Really grateful I had your All-In-One clay on hand.  Blessings,  S. RMT 

The grey clay product sure has helped me when I get scrapes and cuts and bruising from working outside on the house, and my truck. It helps me to heal very quickly.  Pastor John

This is the best quality we have found anywhere. Its poultices are superior in adhering to skin.  Dr. Office

I work at a holistic chiropractor’s office and we are wondering what the best clay is to take internally. I take your all-in-one. What exactly is the montmorillonite vs green french vs colloidal benefit. Mont is considered the fastest drawing clay plus it is the mildest tasting. The illite green (so named as it was first discovered in Illinois but ours is actually from France) works better for baths and facials as it mixes more easily with water.

Do they all act the same way? Any clay that is assayed for purity will work, but the way it works is by drawing toxins inside its structure. So if one takes a dense tablespoon of the gel, logic would seem to dictate that there is a great deal more toxin absorbing capability than with the minuscule amount in a colloidal solution. Yet there are some on both sides of that issue. So best to try for oneself. Many take clay thinking to get the minerals and yet the nature and beauty of clay is that it is like a dump truck moving through the body, collecting rather than depositing. Thus it is not leaving behind die off matter for the white blood cells to have to clean up.

We want to recommend your products and are wondering which one is best to take on a regular basis. 

The All-In-One product is the most versatile and fastest absorbing.

Gray Montmorillonite Food Grade Dry Clay, 1 Cup, assayed for purity & instructions to make three 16oz jars of gel.                      #GRY                            $11.90


Green Clay   A specialty clay often preferred for bathing and facials

For Cleansing Bath

Gives one of the cleanest feelings on earth!

For metal and chemical detoxification.

A weekly necessity for these times.

A modest 1/3 cup works wonders.


For Facial Masque 

Brings glowing health to the face.

A weekly facial tradition is a must.

Effective for teenage skin problems.

Even more beneficial for mature skin.  
Protects skin by deep-cleaning the pores.

French Green Illite Milled Dry Clay, 1 Cup, with instructions, to make 8 - 16 masques or 1 - 3 baths.     

     #GRN                         $9.85 


White Clay   A specialty mix to replicate personal care products.

Silky Sea Soap

No smells!

A great veggie wash.

Multi use non foaming liquid clay.               

No harmful residue left on skin, food or dishes. 

Silky Sea Shampoo 

Non foaming no sodium lauryl sulfate.

Shampoo and soap combo for the shower.       

A joy to have at every sink and in every shower.

Silky Sea Massage Lotion 

Oil free!

Feels just like silk.

Innovative Style Massage.

Damp wipe off or do a "body masque".

Make up your own bottles...

I use the white clay for shaving and it works very, very well and is better than "foam." Also, I use the clay to wash my hair and body with which was different at first but now I use it all the time and with more confidence, knowing I am not getting any bad chemicals with it.  Jonathan



Sweet Purity Clay Toothpaste


A special blend that tastes better than plain clay.

Helps remove the plaque and clostridium bacteria.

Makes a supply that might last one person for a year! 

Packaged in a dry mix and simply add water in a blender.

When too tired to brush take a dab in the mouth before bed.  

French White Kaolin Food Grade Clay, Food-Grade Kelp Alginate, High Grade Zinc Oxide (mined direct from the earth) 

and with instructions to hydrate to make about three 12oz bottles.  

      #WHT                          $15.87 

Dear Incredible Earth,
      The last two years my 5 year old daughter and I have had dental problems despite consistent brushing and flossing, healthy diets and very little sugar consumption. Two weeks before my daughter's last cleaning, we started using the Sweet Purity Clay toothpaste. Immediately after brushing, I was impressed at how smooth my teeth felt - like they had just been cleaned by my hygienist. The next morning, I was impressed again because my daughter did not have the horrible morning breath that had become normal for her. Our teeth also lightened considerably. Then at her cleaning, her hygienist found practically no plaque - a first! Two weeks later I also had my cleaning and was pronounced virtually plaque-free!
      I am delighted that we now have a tool in our oral hygiene arsenal that is both effective and health-building. Thank you! Best wishes,

After 10 years of using Sweet Purity - having no cleanings or dental checkups during that time - just went and they found no cavities....but most impressive is that after 10 years there is not even a need for a cleaning!  Olivia


Food Grade Clays, Zinc Oxide, Earth Salt, with instructions.   

      #TOOTH                      $14.58


 How to use Clays


Vistas del Pacifico, Costa Rica

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