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  Frequently Asked Questions

To help you, we have posted some questions that we've received. It is important to remember that this is a totally natural herb product and as such, with different harvests going on all year of 13 different components, there can be variations in results. Usually it is assumed that the only way to get consistent results is to use a chemical dye, but which also gives consistent health risks and side effects and even purple hair, fried hair, scalp burns, etc. So with sweet assurance, out of the world of hair care comes Silver To Gold. And it's even good for Pets!

Here are some helpful Basic Guidelines:

               1. After mixing up the Silver To Gold hair product, if it seems too thick to cover easily, one can adjust it by quickly adding a tablespoon of hot water. Likewise, if the mixture is too runny then use one tablespoon less water the next time the product is used. Neither way seems to affect color. Using the same measuring cup each time is an important practice.

               2. The mixture must be very, very warm when it goes on for the most successful color each time, so also make sure the vinegar is warmed to room temperature.

               3. The mixture can be kept warm by wrapping a towel around the jar or a hot pad mitt and/or keeping it in an insulated lunch bag till ready.

If you do not find your question answered in the following recap

please feel free to write us by going to the Contact Page - Thank you.

Playa Panama, Costa Rica

Q:  Is there any product that reverses gray hair?

A:   Hello, As you probably know, there have been claims by many that some wonder product will reverse gray hair. I have yet to see it proven. I see no influence other than major diet and lifestyle changes that can sometimes influence hair color to come back a little. Our product, Silver To Gold, is a henna based item that will turn gray hair blond for a period of time.

Q:  I found a coconut vinegar (Coconut Secret raw coconut vinegar) that is "almost neutral" in ph.  Neutral is apparently 7.  The apple cider vinegars are 5% and the rice vinegars are 4/4.2%.  Anyway, I don't know if that will make a difference or not but thought to try it out.

A:   That may not work - because it’s the acidity that helps draw out the herbs’ properties – but if you proceed we look forward to hearing your results!

Q:  I have Afro hair - will it work on that?

A:  In fact when we started out market testing, we took on a partner who had a Salon in the Bay Area who himself was black and we tried it originally on more black folks and they loved the coppery highlights! They liked to go an hour to get really deep copper. Was beautiful.


Q:  I have been using Silver to Gold for almost eight months. Mostly I love it, but lately my hair is starting to turn too "orange." (I have tried leaving it in for a shorter length of time, but that doesn't seem to help.) I think the repeated use has caused the orange color. Do you know what can be added to reduce the orange effect - I love the product and want to keep using it but need something to offset the orange. Thank you!

A:  Any time the color goes a bit brassy or more than you would like, it indicates that the timing needs to be reduced maybe even in half. When Golda started her testing she did 7 minutes - and looked like a punk rocker! But within months she was down to 4 minutes on roots plus 1 minute overall. She has been there since the year 2000 - 16 years - with the exception of a few experiments! So we have not heard of extended use being an issue except that people's hair gets healthier. Although a couple have given up after a few tries, in all these years we have never had a case that couldn't be resolved with persistence!

Q:  I have tried several packages of the silver to gold hair color and it does not seem to last as long as its suppose to.  Can you tell me what I'm doing wrong.  2-3 weeks is about as long as I can go between coloring.

A:   If you can increase timing by a couple minutes that may be enough to make it last longer. Many things will affect color, especially sunshine and water. Many times we have noticed that some towns will have a higher amount of chlorine in the water than normal, and shower time will tend to bleach one out. As do swimming pools of course.

     Then there are shampoos and conditioners of all different types that will affect hair (especially if they contain alcohol). The list of possible influences is huge.

     If one eliminates all of that, and you use the exact number of minutes to give you consistency of color range (and not too light), then it may be your particular timing range.

Q:   Thanks for getting my order out so fast! I'm ready to try it today and had some questions.  After I do the test hairs, do I just reheat the whole mix in the microwave and apply? Can you just keep reheating if application takes a while (I have long hair)?  I have a 2 cup glass pyrex jar with a plastic snap and seal lid for the mixing. That should be ok, right?

A:   Yes to all three but best to reheat on stove if possible so you can control it so it is hot but not too hot to touch.

 Q:   I have a question. Can I keep the processed herbs if I don't use them all - I guess in the fridge - and reheat for another use? I only intend to use them on the roots the first time.
      I'm so excited at this alternative to chemical dyes!

 A:   Yes. (For a few weeks but outcome will not be exactly the same.) Don’t give up!

Q:   I have been using STG regularly for some time, now. I just had my stylist do my hair and for some reason, using the same amount of time – my highlights were way copper, rather than just gold.  Rather a dramatic difference than previous applications.  My stylist did remark that the consistency of the mix was closer to regular hair color this time around.  I just wondered if there has been a change in the formula?  Could you pass this on to the company please?

     Also, she (same customer) is wanting to know if just the powder is available to purchase in bulk- not all of the extras that come with it?  Maybe 1 pound at a time?

A:   We repeat several times in the Instructions about since this being a totally non-chemical product with several different herbs, all at different harvest times, that one cannot expect the same identical results all the time. The only way to get pure consistency is to use toxic chemicals. That is why we recommend a quick swatch test each time. Both Golda and I use our product all the time and would know if anything was out of the ordinary. So far it is working just fine.

     Plus there are so many variables with different types of hair and condition of hair and treatment of hair………couple that with 13 natural herbs and it is any ones' guess.

     Re a bulk buy some folks think that I make up a big batch and then put x amount into bags but that is not the case. Each single bag is hand made by itself in order to maintain the correct ratios in our formula. There is a Triple Pac available as you can see on our website.

Q:  I found one of your sites and was interested in the Silver to Gold Henna. I am allergic to regular hair dyes and had to stop using them. My hair is half silver and half brown. I couldn’t find a list of ingredients of this product. Is there a listing somewhere? Does the single pack come with instructions?

A:   Thanks for your interest. It is a henna-based product. Ingredients are  Organic or Wildcrafted Henna Bayberry Rosemary Cinnamon Black Walnut Chamomile Olive Leaf Kelp Sage Nettle Licorice Clove Lavender. Comes with instructions and was designed for folks with immunity problems and sensitivity.

Q:  I am doing application for second time and forgot - put on dry hair or wet? Thank you.


Q:   I've been reading a bit about the Silver to Gold hair color online and am wondering about using it instead of my current product. For the first use, would it be effective on all of my hair, i.e. grays and colored? Any other instructions and insights would be appreciated before I buy...

A:   Silver to Gold will color the gray hair and highlight any other original colors in your hair. There are no color charts because it is a unique custom color for each person depending totally on timing. And once you find the timing it is so easy!


Q:  I've been using your product on my gray hair for over a year now and just love it. My 22 yr old daughter, who has been bleaching her hair for 5 years now, is considering doing something healthy for her hair. Her natural color is brown and she'd like to gradually get back there without the shock of dyeing it brown or letting her brown roots gradually grow out from the bleach blond. Would the Silver To Gold be something worth trying since it highlights your current color? Or is there something else out there that you might know of. I'd love to see her get away from all the chemicals. 

A:  Thanks for your compliment of our product. She might try some kind of shampoo dye so that as her hair grows out, the roots are only temporarily dyed and not permanent. Then when she is at a length where she feels she can cut off the old permanent dyed hair then the shampoo dye will fade away, unlike permanent dye that leaves a line.

     We had a chiropractor who ended up with purple hair from a chemical dye. She tried the Silver To Gold (against our advice) and it came out a beautiful coppery color over her gray and brought back her black hair! But bleached hair of course is different - if your daughter is up for an adventure into the unknown world of hair coloring - let us know how it goes!

Q:  Greetings, I recently purchased a 3 pack of Silver to Gold to try for first time. Unfortunately, I was disappointed with the results.  I read & followed all the directions & used a timer. The white/gray coarser hair simply would not take the color at all.  I did not want to end up with reddish/copper color but i did leave it on longer to experiment.  My original hair color as a kid was dirty blonde, now light brown. Are there any tips for getting stubborn white/gray hair to accept this color? thank u!  

A:   The “white/gray coarser” hair is usually around the temple/sideburn line… this what you are referring to? If so, then that hair is always harder to do something with and frequently folks will put the ‘mud’ on that line first for a couple of minutes before starting the timer.

     But many people might put the mud on the temple for long enough to affect the temples but when the mud goes on the rest of the hair it must be hot so one has to keep it warm either insulated or on stove.

     If not referring to temples, then usually it was not on long enough, or even that the ‘mud’ was not warm enough, or that it was put on wet hair rather than dry hair. So:

1…was the mud warm - almost too warm when it went on?

2....did you apply to dry hair? long is your hair?

4…how long did you leave it on?

     Don’t get discouraged as timing is different for everyone as all hair is different, and in a different state from various treatments, shampoos, conditioners, colors, etc. Hard to know and the Timing Chart is a long shot guess - which is a starting guideline only.


Q:  Hi, Just wanted to know if you can use the herbs on blond hair that's going grey? Will it turn the blond hair darker? I use it on my dark brown hair and get great highlights but sis-in-law has blond hair and is afraid of it going darker with the herbs. Please let me know. It's a fantastic product! thanks.

A:  The product was designed to turn gray hair blond. It will highlight whatever natural hair color there is but only work on any gray hair to lighten it to blond. She could experiment with short times to start. Blessings.

Q:  Hello, I just used the first packet of my second order and have a question.  The first three packets when mixed, were the consistency of oatmeal.  Now the packet that I used today (which was not part of the same order) was like the consistency of pea soup.  Since I have never used your product before, I am not sure which is the correct consistency.  The pea soup seemed to work faster, in fact with the first 3 packets, I needed to leave it on 45-50 minutes, this time it was only half that amount of time.  I just would like to know which is the right consistency.

A:  There is no correct consistency as the herb measurements are always the same but the herbs themselves are ever changing. One can remove a Tablespoon of liquid or so to help so it doesn't run down the face!


Q:  I'm considering purchasing the All-in-one Clay Gel but it in the item description, it doesn't say anything about how much gel is in the container.  Do I understand it correctly that you do not need conditioner with this product?  I have used Silver2Gold two times now and am very happy with the condition it leaves my hair, but I would like to preserve the color as much as possible so that I don't have to color it quite as often other than for growth.  On the directions that come with Silver2Gold it suggests using this product.   Does it have any scent?  I only wash my hair once a week now, but if this gel is specifically for hair color such as yours, I was going to give it a try.  Please respond so that I can place an order.

A:  Once a week is normal with the clay and Golda says she can go 2 weeks if she wanted because of the clay cleaning so well with no residue left. The only thing is if you live in a very dry climate it can make it static because there is no residue. There is no smell which is why Golda originally engineered this for shampoo. She uses a big heaping handful and there are about 4-5 big handfuls of clay (over 1/2 cup each) in the jar so should last over a month if only used for that. But its uses are far ranging and spectacular!       

     The timing will have to be adjusted to your hair - sometimes she leaves the clay on a few minutes but often just one - or only like shampooing for washing out the Silver To Gold and then into a clay bath to get the herbs out even better!  No need for conditioner. If one has oily hair then they might want to leave it on for longer.


Q:  Two weeks ago today, I used Silver to Gold on my hair.  I left it on approximately 20 minutes and it did turn a light shade of gold.  I just read in the product description that it says "depending on lifestyle" it should last 6-8 weeks.  It's only been two weeks and my hair is back to gray again.  I have only washed it three times and if I don't wash it, I just wet my and restyle.  I used a shampoo that is for color treated hair that won't "strip" it.  What should I be doing that I'm not?

A:   Sometimes the first time it does not take as well (or at all in rare cases) and next time maybe it will take more strongly - if not, you might be one who has to leave it on longer to make it last longer. Once you get the right timing it should be more like permanent dye with just the roots needing refreshing. It is so hard to predict with all natural herbs, combined with endless arrays of hair shampoos and conditioners. Many of our clients take 2-3 times before they catch just the right amount of minutes. Frustrating at first, but well worth the effort as once the timing is down, it would only vary slightly with different harvests. So don’t get discouraged and bravo to you for taking charge of your health!


Q:   I have the x3 pack Silver to Gold.  My natural hair is a medium brown, and I have lots of gray around the hairline (forehead and temples).  My hair is a fine texture, and I started with grays at the hairline, set the timer for 7 minutes, then covered the rest of my hair.  ( I have a batch that requires more time)  My hair is unchanged, and hairline still gray as before.

     I plan to do 10-15 minutes on the gray hair next time, before covering the rest of my head.  How long would you suggest waiting before I apply a second time?

     I used a clarifying shampoo just prior to the 1st application, and it was towel dried.  The directions didn’t advise about applying on clean or dirty hair.  I was concerned that product build-up could affect the process, so I opted to shampoo first.   I’m not giving up!   Any suggestions or tips would be appreciated.

A:  Thanks for writing, and for hanging in there. There are so many variables for the hair, that it is difficult to know the correct timing. We have had some folks leave it on for ½ hour or more before it ‘takes’. Being a totally natural product we do miss the accuracy of the technical lab chemicals but certainly don’t miss the chem residues.

     Regarding reapplying, you can reapply immediately - in fact if you can save the herbs in a sink or bowl you could reheat and reapply right then - but the best is to apply to Dry hair. You don’t have to wash it first. And a strand test could give you a good indication of timing. Also it should still be warm when you put it on. So let’s stay in touch and let us know how it is going.

Q:  I wanted to know if you can use Silver to Gold safely on chemically colored hair?  I read that you can perm your hair while using it, so  I ordered it in hopes that the answer was yes.  I have gray roots appearing and after reading what is in the usual hair color, (whoa) I do not want to use it anymore, but do not want to be gray either.

A:  We have never heard of problems with covering previously colored hair. It doesn't make sense that mere herbs could cover it but even our Chiropractor had a bad batch of chemical dyes that turned her hair purple and we didn't think S2G would work but she came out with beautiful golden copper highlights in her black hair - purple all gone! No guarantees of course. (You can see Golda's permed hair in the Hair tab and dropdown menu Hair Pics.)

     I know - it's amazing what they put in that chemical stuff!


Q:  Hello, I've read about your Silver to Gold and it sounds like a great idea! Can you tell me if this product, like henna, cannot be used on previously colored hair? Thanks so much!

A:  A large percentage of the people using Silver to Gold started out with dyed hair - you will have to brave into the unknown to get the right timing - most like to start out with a triple pak since it may take a few tries to get it right. It is a henna based product but has been used on all types of hair.


Q:  Hello, I would like to start using a natural hair dye but I was informed that if you have gray hairs nothing will color it like peroxide.I get my hair done at a salon and my hair color is blonde, I do have some gray hairs, not a lot. My main concern is not to turn my hair color gray or green. I would like to remain blonde. I am not a bleached blonde , I think I can probably describe it as light golden blonde. What can you recommend for me.

A:  Then you are a perfect candidate for Silver To Gold! Would suggest getting a Three-Pac to give leeway for experimenting till you get the right timing.


Q:  I need to cover my gray hair. I'm using chemical color for ten years now. Is it safe to to try Silver to Gold hair color on my hair? I'm afraid that my hair can turn green or something, because there is henna in Silver to Gold hair color.

A:  Thanks for writing………really no way of knowing without trying a swatch test, but no one has ever reported green!


Q:  Hi - I've been loving your product, and remember reading that you can perm with it.  If given the choice, would it be better to do the perm first, or after the coloring with Silver-to-Gold?  And time between? Thanks.

A:  Best to talk to your hair dresser because depending on how long since coloring and how curly one wants it and how mild a chemical hit they want, there are perms for colored treated hair and natural hair, and it gets very complex with the options. But since any perm will tend to wash out the color some - one could wait till it is time to color again to get the perm and color a week later.


Q:  I'm interested in your henna based hair color for covering gray hair but I don't see anything on your website about what form it comes in or how it's applied.  Is it a powder and do you make a thick paste out of it like most hennas?  I hate how messy henna is so I usually avoid it.  Can you give me a little more information about the process of using it and how messy is it?
A:  Thanks for your interest. Yes you make a paste from the powdered herbs with warmed water plus vinegar and glob it on and it is messy. But unlike most henna applications that take several hours, or even overnight, this treatment only takes a few minutes depending on your hair type. It is ready to use in 15 minutes and you mud it on your hair, determining time from instructions and timing chart, and then rinse out in the sink or a bath or leap gracefully for the shower to rinse out. Some bring it into their hairdressers to apply. But ever if you aren't a “do-it-yourself” type of person, you might be surprised at how quick and easy it is.


Q:  Yes I guess I phrased that wrong. I did use it on dry hair. Does it hurt to be a little thinner or is the half cup of water exactly a must?

A:  Usually thick or thin mud doesn’t seem to matter. Re the ‘wetting’ first, actually the mix is put on dry hair. Can’t really predict the results as all ratios we developed are fairly exact. There obviously is some leeway built into it but you would have to experiment. The biggest problem might be that the thinner might run down your face and neck!


Q:  I was wondering if my hair needed to be clean or is it better if it is dirty when you wet it and use the silver to gold to color hair? Also does it matter if it has had conditioner of any kind on it?
A:  Actually the hair should be dry. It doesn't seem to matter regarding clean. Conditioner might be a factor if trying to keep the color but should not prevent the power of the herbs from bringing on the color.


Q:  Thank you so much for getting my order out so quickly.   It arrived mid-afternoon that Saturday (9/4), just in time.   The IncrEdiblEarth Gel worked wonderfully on my trip, just as I hoped it would.    It's fantastic on bug bites!  
      I am having trouble with the Silver to Gold hair color though.   I was hoping you might have some suggestions on what  I might try or may be doing wrong.   I did a strand test before I left but was unable to see any real color change after over an hour on my hair.   I haven't tried it on my full head yet because I didn't want to waste the whole bag if I was doing something wrong.
     My hair is medium-fine and I was hoping for a "golden" color = 3 mins on guideline chart. I mixed everything as instructed using Bragg apple cider vinegar and no metal contact of any sort. I submerged a small bundle of gray hair in the mixture, poking it with the stir stick to make sure it was saturated, then let it sit for 3 mins. and rinsed.   Nothing.   I then tried additional 3, 15 and 45 min tests (on the same hair bundle) with only the slightest color change after 45 mins.  The mixture was kept warm in a water bath the whole time but it cooled while it was on the hair.   Should I be keeping it warm some how while it's on my hair?   
     I've had trouble in the past with both natural and conventional drugstore hair color not taking to my grays.   The dye they use at the hairdresser works but not without dying the rest of my hair a much darker color than it is naturally and I'm sure it is extremely unhealthy.
     Please help, your product is everything I've been looking for in a hair dye: natural, good for my hair, not harmful to me and only covers the gray.  Perfect!   Just have to figure out how to make it work for me.  : )   
      It's been nearly 3 months since I've used any other hair color so that shouldn't be a factor.   I do use a Henna shampoo, could that be effecting it in some way?   Please let me know if you have any ideas or advice.   I really want this to work!   

A:   Since your gray hair is resistant you may be one of those who has to use it first on the whole head and then for some mysterious reason it "breaks ground" somehow - and then when another pac is used the second time it takes. Also our chiropractor with dark Asian hair used it with a plastic bag and hairdryer for one hour. She did not need to do that but she wanted very coppery highlights. It is indeed a solitary journey one makes since there is no hair alike! But once you find the exact timing it will be perfect every time!

     Also, that shampoo you are using has some bad stuff in it, and that could be throwing you a curve. But even if it wasn’t I would not suggest ever using something with Sodium Lauryl Sulfate in it.

     Being a totally natural and herb product, everyone is slightly different. I use it 2 1/2 min on my white hair, and my wife (with longer hair) uses it 5 min. And we recommend a swatch test. The instructions covers most everything. One has to experiment to find the exact timing, and then it will stay the same.

Q:  Can you tell me, I have really white hair...which gets a bit greenish with the well water I use, so I've been using a shampoo that just tints my hair a pale blond and gets rid of the greenish, it's not a 6 week thing, just in with every long will I need to leave the silver to gold in to get about what I want, and how can I test it?

A:  Being that there are endless combinations of hair conditions, there is no way to predict results. Generally speaking, in the last 16 years, the hair product has been used on all types and stages with excellent results. Only had 2 gals in all that time that could not get it to “take”. (But they gave up after only a few times.) But being a herbal product without any chemicals, results will vary and folks have to understand that.


Q:  Hello!
I've recently purchased Silver to Gold Hair Color and I'm hoping you can 
answer my questions:
     Does Silver to Gold contain  metals or metal salts?

     Can pure henna be applied over a previous application of Silver to Gold? NO WAY OF KNOWING WHAT WILL HAPPEN

     Can a metal-free, chemical dye be applied over a previous application of  Silver to Gold? NO WAY TO PREDICT

     Can Silver to Gold be applied over a previous application of a metal-free, chemical hair dye? YES - BUT FOR ALL THESE ONE MUST DO A SWATCH TEST

Q:  I am interested, but did not see a list of ingredients (allergic to shrimp and have low thyroid), I wanted to make sure of what I would be applying.

A:  Info from our label………………….

Contains: Herb Pak, Gloves, Stir stick, Instructions

Ingredients: (Organic or wildcrafted) Henna Bayberry Rosemary Chamomile Black Walnut Cinnamon Olive Leaf Kelp Nettle Licorice Sage Clove Lavender


Q:  Also, two other questions:

     I have never used a henna product, but have used commercial hair dyes.  How does one change to the Henna, i.e., is it necessary to grow out the commercial dye first?

     And secondly, I have heard a lot about henna being really messy and time consuming, do you find this product to be so?

A:   I would guess that most people using Silver To Gold have used it over a commercial product - there is no predicting the outcome but we have had no complaints in all these years! Hair dying at home is messy - smile - but at least this is not a chemical mess. Golda does her hair for 4 min on roots and then 1 min over rest of it and I do mine exactly 2.5 min. Make it a Happy Mess!


Q:  Is silver to gold sold retail? I can not find it at any health food stores in the Chicago area. Thank you.

A:  Sold through internet stores and retail stores and available at wholesale to retailers, so you can ask your local store to contact us.


Q:  Hi there. I have a question about your Silver to Gold hair color. I have been using permanent hair color for many years. I've recently made the decision to switch to something natural. Right now my new growth is about 1 inch. My natural color that's coming in is a dark ash blonde (level 7) w/quite a bit of grey, and the part that is colored is a dark coppery blonde (level 8 - a shade lighter). Will your product help to blend these colors together so that my hair can grow out w/out being 2 colors?

     Also, do I apply the S to G all over my head, or should I apply to the new growth and leave it on longer on that area first? And when it's time to re-color...same question.

     Thanks so much! I'm looking forward to making the switch! :o)

A:   It sounds like you are on the right track. Good idea to leave on roots longer - maybe up to 5 minutes or more depending on resistance and it may take a few attempts but you should be able to get it just right. Many people have done this!

Q:   I have purchased your silver to gold hair color kit. I have blonde hair, with a bit of gray. I had heard in the past that people with blonde hair should not use henna because it darkens blonde hair. I know silver to gold should color my grey hair gold. But will it make the overall shade of the rest of my hair a bit darker than it is now?

     The directions say the product will "highlight" the rest of your hair, which in my mind means add lighter strands. Will it do this on blonde hair, or actually darken it a bit?

A:   I have seen it go either way so always best to start with just a few minutes. One can even scoop up and reheat herbs and put right back on for longer if desired. Or one could just put evenly distributed light streaks of herbal mud on the heaviest gray areas to see. Also doing the Strand Test would help.


Q:   I have very short hair.  The product instructions say to mix the entire contents.  If you don't use it all, can you save it and use it another time?  If so, should it be used within a certain time?    If not, is there a way to proportion the mixture to make a smaller batch?

A:   The instructions are for any head of hair. Only in the section talking about extra long or thick hair does one perhaps need to use 2 bags. To get consistent results one cannot save the herbs after mixing, though some have reported doing so satisfactorily for their needs. We have also heard however of those who in an effort to economize have ventured into the unknown and reported back that they got results by mixing a batch in exactly the same way and same timing with half the amounts of herbs and liquids. But with less bulk then less heat will be held which will affect results of color uptake in the mud but may work for certain people.


Q:   I have done my own hair twice now and will write a testimonial soon. It gives my grey a beautiful golden red highlight after about an hour and I have very dark brown hair. It's so easy and smells like a lovely herbal tea for a couple of days after!

      I am assuming I only need to hand wash the glass bowls I have been mixing it it before using them again for food storage. I have kept them separate as I don't have a dishwasher,  but all the ingredients seem to be edible except for the henna, so I just wanted to check about using those same bowls again for food once they are hand washed.

     Tonight I am helping a friend try it on his mustache so I will be cutting back the recipe.  If he still has some left, how long will it keep and should it be refrigerated before re heating if it is overnight?

     Hoping to start sharing this with more people now that I have it down.  I start my aromatherapy training next week and am sure some of the folks in my class will be interested. Thanks so much for a wonderful natural product!

A:   Thanks for all the kind words. Re the glass bowls, no problem. Henna is edible, but tastes like yuk. Re the 'stash, many of our clients are men and they use it for their beards, eyebrows, chest hair, etc.

     Obviously it does not take much of the 'mud', but it does take longer as that hair is resistant to color change. So you may have to try a few times and develop a different timeline than the top-of-the-head acreage!

     Lots of folks do save the leftovers and then reheat it for reuse. It does not seem as potent, but usually works well for touchups.

Q:  I have been happy with the product but it seems like I consistently lose more hair than I would expect when washing it out. I am wondering if it might be the vinegar. I have noticed some hair loss when using water containing some vinegar as a final rinse. Have you heard from any customers who experienced hair loss due to the addition of vinegar? I have wondered also if it would make a difference using white wine vinegar instead of apple cider vinegar.  I'd appreciate any advice you might have about it.

A:   We have not had another inquiry regarding that but we do know that any hair product with alcohol can cause hair loss. Many shampoos and conditioners – even from the health food store – have alcohol. So for you that might also disqualify using wine vinegar but you might try organic rice vinegar.

Q:   Wondering whether it would be acceptable to use ½ a package for roots only. Also had a clients hair turn orange after using S2G and wondered what advice to give the client. Thanks for your help!

A:   The volume and elapsed time are what keep the temperature at the level needed to extract the color – cutting volume in half may affect the color you are use to getting – but you can experiment if you feel brave. The orange color just needs to have the timing cut back – the good news is one knows it works and now comes the trial of finding the exact timing and then comes the wonderful reward!

Q:   I just wanted to tell you that I just used my silver to gold hair color just on my gray roots and am so happy with the remarkable results on my gray hair (I have a full head of silver hair started going gray at a young age). I am allergic to hair color and have been loosing my hair for a long time but still continued to color my hair blond,I have been using a popular health store shampoo seeing that they say it is a better alternative because it is suppose to be natural but was still having issues and spending a lot of money. I have never used herbs with such great results  it is beautiful, you have a customer for life PLEASE never stop making this.

     I just have a question, I did not do my whole head and saved what I have left over, can I put it on the rest of my hair tomorrow as Now I want all of my hair to be this beautiful color blond. 

     I am so happy I can not tell you how long I have looked for this product and how much money I have spent on trying different products for my hair. Now I am hoping all  of my hair will grow back on my scalp and I can have my beautiful thick hair back, any suggestions for helping me get my lost hair back??

     Thank you soo much.

A:   Re growing hair back, some things that can affect that would be any alcohol in any hair products, so check labels carefully on any conditioners, etc. Mercury can affect that via amalgam fillings, or fish, or vaccines. Taking our clay gel of a tablespoon or 2 a day would help pull that out. If your hormonal system is tending to go slightly askew, then taking the Maca product would help rebalance that. Smoking can also cause premature grey hair & loss. Just some thoughts to ponder. As far as reusing the leftover, you could reheat and use the rest. Not the normal way but could do in a pinch. Thank you for sharing!

Q:   Hi, I have been experimenting with Silver to Gold, but I keep having troubles with the results. Before calling it quits, I thought you may provide some advice. Btw, I am a natural medium ash brown with some highlights (I was a blonde baby), first gray popping out--and multiplying. Fine hair. Never dyed, never permed or otherwise chemically-treated. I only use organic hair care. Here is the problem:
--1st time I used Silver to Gold I was very conservative: 2 minutes. Effects on gray hair: none. Effect on other hair: none
--2nd time I was a little bolder: 5 minutes. Effects on gray hair: none. Effects on other hair: some golden highlights, especially on the finest hair, e.g. at the hairline
--3rd time I decided to be bold: 10 minutes. 
Effects on gray hair: ZERO. ZIP. ZILCH. NADA. :-( 
Effects on the other hair: beginning to turn COPPERISH--very unflattering for my skintone. It was not a big deal since it washed away quickly with a couple of shampoos, but what it means is that I cannot keep Silver to Gold beyond 10 min, otherwise my hair turns red. PLEASE HELP! I love the idea of a 100% natural color, safe and quick....I hope there is atrick to conquer stubborn gray hair. Looking forward to your reply. 

A:   Now that you know 10 minutes causes a reaction for you - you have it at least working so you know it can work - if you are up for more experimentation you can try apple cider vinegar or rice vinegar if you haven't already - which both tend toward less reddish/brassy. Make sure everything is exact and the herbs are very warm (just below almost too warm) but not uncomfortable when they go on. You might consider also doing a double time like 15-20 minutes if you have a hat ready for the 1st week in case it is too much - smile - this is a little like what is called shocking a swimming pool so it "takes". There can be an initial resistance that may be broken down the second time and so the 10 minute mark may actually be considered your 1st time. We know of only one person in over 10 years who felt the color didn't match their complexion (but was fairly certain they could have brought the time down to perfection) so it could be your case also but wouldn't like to see you give up too early before a breakthrough if it's possible. Golda's was actually way too brassy (punk rocker) in the beginning when she started the research. But you have done good work there so far! Keep us posted. 

Q:   I just tried Silver to Gold for the first time and have questions. My hair is a honey/caramel blonde with natural light gold highlights. I have some white hairs coming in (sticking up) on top of my head that I'd like to cover somehow while keeping my natural color. I did a strand test and realized that my grays are stubborn and don't take any color at all in less than 12 minutes. But in the meantime, the rest of my normal hair around the grays turns reddish, which I truly don't want. Any recommendations?

       Also, before doing the strand test, I mixed up an entire package of Silver to Gold and only ended up using a small portion of it. If I keep it in the refrigerator, will it be usable again when I reheat it in the microwave?

       By the way, it might be nice to include a strand-test measurement recipe so that folks can mix up only a small portion of it and still keep the same proportions (i.e. 1 tbs herbs, 2 tsp h2o & vinegar or whatever).

      Thanks so much.

A:   Silver To Gold is reusable especially within a few days although many report keeping it for longer. Hair is so individual in its response but for some people it is as if the first treatment acts as a conditioner to make the hair more receptive. So hopefully even if you put the first batch on for less time than the 12 minutes you can bypass the red stage and the gray will become more receptive - then the next time you can get closer to the color you're looking for with your gray covered. Thank you for the suggestion and it's a good one although the reason a small strand test does not always give perfect feedback is because it has a totally different heat level because it is so small that it doesn't hold the heat like the large batch so extracts less color. It is an adventure! But when one finds the right timing it's quite marvelous. All the best to you.

Q:   Are ever going to have a brown hair dye?

A:   We had planned to, but because as people get older the darker colors look more harsh against their mature (can’t think of a better word for that!) skin tone. Also a darker hair dye leaves a distinct visible line as it grows out against the lighter gray roots – it discourages people from coloring! But the blond mingles with the gray better as it grows out, so doesn’t need applications as often.

Q:   Hello,  Out of interest, how long does a 3-pak last if you have long hair?

A:   If it is very long, thick and all gray some may want to use 2 packets the first time and 1 packet each time thereafter but that is the rare case. Most use 1 packet every 6 weeks like regular hair dye. Some use it every month to cover roots if their hair grows fast. Some like to refresh it more often just to get the shine!

Q:   I don't know if I should order the Single or Triple Pac?

A:    If able it's always good to have room for adjustments because one hopes a hair color is going to work for them. But though you may have to work it, be assured - if you leave Silver To Gold on long enough - there is no way for the herbs to not work! For resistant hair it may take 2 times, with the first conditioning it to take. But if it doesn't seem to have taken, remember that one can scoop up herbs out of the sink and reheat and reapply for longer. For some it may even be up to an hour to take the first time, and maybe even under a hair dryer. Then it’s simply about adjusting the timing for your custom color!

Q:   I just used your Silver to Gold product for the first time. I have naturally blonde hair and just one small white streak at the top front of my scalp. So I ended up only needing to use a tiny bit of the product. I've put the leftover in the fridge and am wondering how long it will last now that it's already mixed up. Please let me know.

A:    We have had several clients put the leftover in the fridge, and then reheat it over the next several weeks when they want to use more. Since it is all totally natural organic herbs, it does not have a definable consistent 'chemical' type of reaction. So it is always an experiment.......just have to dive in!

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