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What if your hair was showing Silver strands or

Gray streaks or was all White and you were feeling old...

But in 5 minutes your world dramatically changed and now

You feel so much younger!

  The Internationally Known . . .


Silver To Gold  



Since the year 2000 Silver To Gold™ has been the

World's Healthiest Hair Color and Highlighter

With 13 herbs & nothing else!

     Originally designed for cancer patients, this is a totally chemical-free herbal product that turns only the gray hair to blond in minutes. With carefully controlled herbal ratios the process takes what gray hair there is and turns it to blond while highlighting the other natural colors of the hair. The degree of color is controlled by how many minutes it is left on - from light blond, to golden blond, to strawberry blond, to coppery blond. Just add hot water and vinegar. Depending on lifestyle, it lasts 4-8 weeks while it gradually fades like sun-drenched highlights. 


I can't imagine life without Silver to Gold! I have used it for over 10 years. I'd be lost without it. Thank you so much for this wonderful product.  From France

I just want to let you know how much I really like Silver2Gold!  FINALLY a product that I can use and feel safe and happy with by coloring my graying hair, instead of all of my hair, creating such a natural look in the process!  GG

My hair color is a medium shade of blonde, with strands of white now showing up over the past few years, and hues of grey mixing in. I was a bit afraid of using a henna product, and going orange or red.  I left the mixture on for just under 2 minutes, and came out with beautiful results! There are no hints of grey, and everything looks like natural blond highlights, like my hair when I was in my 20's! Thanks so much, and I'm definitely ordering more!   Clare


I'm so satisfied with your product, my hair is healthier than ever (and also my scalp).  Sandy  


Thank-you for your amazing product. I tried it for the first time this evening. I am stunned with the result. I have more 'salt' than 'pepper', and have grown sick and tired of coloring products that change the color of all of my hair and leave my hair straw like and brittle. I now have soft gentle golden strands where grey used to be, without altering the rest of my color. I will be purchasing again. I cannot believe I have not seen this product in Australia. The world needs to know about this!!!! Thanks so much! Bless you all!   Ramona  Perth, Australia

I am beyond thrilled!  This is truly an amazing product . . . I think I may have finally found the holy grail!

Send us your Before & After pictures!
 Used 3 bags first time!  
 Men too!
  So Gentle you can perm! 
 A Variety of Colors!
It's all about Timing!
 Variegated effect!
 Only covers Gray!
Highlights the rest!
From gray streaks  .  .  .
To coppery highlights!


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