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if there was a Cookie Diet!


                       Saints Bread - Energy Bar


Imagine the feeling of eating the purest, most nutrient dense, raw food available. Giving amazing energy, the Saints Bread is a Cleansing Diet for Purists! Saints Bread tastes like a chocolate health bar and surpasses all others in pure ingredients. And it is gluten-free with organic ingredients. Even the seaweed is OCIA certified organic being harvested only in pure pockets of water in the US and pre-tested for heavy metals, PCBs, pesticides, etc. Every week a frond of kelp is consumed. And finally, any contamination of manufactured products is eliminated while detailed directions help avoid self-imposed contamination.

Each ingredient is selected for its contribution to hormonal balance, “serotonin happiness”, the highest white blood cell continuous activity, EFAs, antioxidant activity, and vitamin/mineral content focusing on those which are most often deficient - Vitamin C, iodine and magnesium (raw cacao contains one of the highest magnesium contents of any food). And it is ground fresh daily to get the maximum bio-availability of the rose hip / Vitamin C content which according to Dr. Clark would contain over 6,000 mg. 

Saints Bread was inspired by Dr. Clark's latest research on Vitamin C for stimulating innumerable aspects of immunity. And, according to Dr. Clark, peanut butter has the germanium, and coconut has the selenium, that along with the rosehips, constitutes the food necessary for white blood cells, which then sends them on a feeding frenzy to clean up the body. So every 5 hours they are given their ammunition! 

The energy boost is unusual in that most cleansing programs yield healing fatigue. But if one portion is taken at breakfast, lunch and dinner (5 hours apart) the body is beautifully cared for by preventing that energy slump and ravenous rage. Most of the battle is chemistry rather than willpower. New leptin research shows that eating between meals (even a bite of something healthy) keeps the body in a constant sugar-burning mode that leads to cravings and disease.  

Note: A coffee grinder or powerful blender is needed to grind ingredients. And raw nut butter (or peanut butter) must be added with raw coconut oil. 

     Ingredients: All Organic, Raw, & Kosher - Cacao Nibs, Coconut Chips,

Rosehips, Golden Flax Seed, Green Stevia Leaf, plus Organic Kelp Fronds.

For a 7-Day pre-assembled Pak, or to order individual ingredients to make your own......


Originally Saints Bread contained a myriad of herbs equaling this many bottles of supplements per month!

Now one can individualize their schedule and rotation of various herbs to suit their goals by adding

their own herbs to this basic formula.

Amazingly Saints Bread  can disguise

unbelievable amounts of not-so-tasty herbs

and thus help avoid taking bottles of toxic pills.

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